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culcita ll

fused glass, sandblasted and slump, wood
67cm x 47cm x 4cm
26" x 19" x 2"

Galeía Medellín 174

Show at the Galería Medellín 174, Mexico City

Six females with different techniques and perspectives sharing a space.

Neon Jam

Playing with neon, Niña Yhared, Nayla Altamirano, Lula Chapman and I.

Medallion Scroll

This piece is made with fused glass, sandblasted and polished. Is all set on silver 925, and the neckpiece is snake skin. It was chosen for both the BODYWORKS show and the EMERGE 2012

This is where I found my model. The maniqui cementery.

Summer at Pilchuck

I decided to take Neon Class, which was such a good move. Its pretty cool to be in a room which starts to fill slowly with super artificial colour light. After two and a half weeks it was in full glow.

Our class. We had great TA's Ture and Phil.

And the most amazing teacher Cork Marcheschi. He was so inspiring and funny. Great lectures on art and music, and good lessons on living as an artist.

this is an installation I made. It was bent neon lines attached to two reflective plexiglasses at the ends. So when you stood in the middle, the lines of neon would continue endlessly on the reflections

Lots of good parties and cool people as always.

"Gaytron the imploder"